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Collaboration is key among workforce partners to successfully address the full scope of workforce challenges within a community. Along with twelve other partners, The Dubuque Area Chamber of Commerce has taken workforce development strategy to the next level through a community-wide partnership called Dubuque Works. Partners work to analyze and revitalize existing workforce strategies, identify and address workforce gaps, and work together to seamlessly provide the strongest workforce solutions for companies that choose to make the Greater Dubuque area their home.

As a part of Dubuque Works, the Chamber focuses on retention efforts for area students and young professionals through the Young Professionals (YP) of Dubuque,  the Next Up (Future Young Professionals), and the Young Entrepreneurs Academy (YEA!).

Experiential education is an excellent way to create a pipeline of highly talented students for local businesses and organizations. Developing strong internship programs requires a level of understanding among the three fundamental components: the students, the employers and the colleges. It is the Chamber's role to facilitate, and develop those relationships creating a mutually beneficial environment for training, development, and retention.

The Dubuque area is fortunate to have a workforce pool of seven colleges within a 25- mile radius, which represents approximately 18,000 students. By encouraging greater participation in local internship programs, the Chamber plans to increase the retention of skilled, trained workforce in the area. By hosting events geared towards connecting students with businesses, offering workshops to assist businesses in developing internship programs, providing an employer resource guide, compiling a comprehensive list of companies that offer internships in the Dubuque area, and launching a new interactive internship component of www.AccessDubuqueJobs.com, the Dubuque Chamber will comprehensively promote internships in the Dubuque Area.

YP Dubuque continues to be a growing, vibrant organization providing members the opportunity to participate in professional development, social/cultural, and community minded activities as well as expand personal and professional networks and gain experience in leadership roles. It offers many ways for young professionals to build connections and get involved. Programming includes monthly professional development luncheons, special interest groups, community service projects, social events and an annual one-day conference. By launching FYP to promote YP Dubuque extensively on campus, the Chamber will assist students in gaining valuable tools to make themselves more marketable as future employees, learning more about opportunities available to them in Dubuque, and ultimately feeling more connected to the business community.

By focusing on students and young professionals, the Chamber is fostering a new generation of leaders who are connected to one another, and engaged in the Dubuque community.

For more information on the Chamber's Dubuque Works Initiative, please contact the Chamber Office at 563.557.9200 or fill out the form below office@dubuquechamber.com.

To contact a partner of the Dubuque Works call Kristin Dietzel, Vice President of Workforce Solutions, Greater Dubuque Development Corp., at 563.557.9049.

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