• Dancing with the Stars: Dubuque Style

Dancing with the Stars: Dubuque Style

Dancing with the Stars: Dubuque Style

The Dubuque Area Chamber of Commerce is excited to be celebrating the 10th year of Dancing with the Stars: Dubuque Style!

This event will be held on Saturday, June 8, 2019, 6:00 pm.

In the decade since it's inception, Dancing with the Stars-Dubuque Style has raised more than 2 million dollars for more than 80 local nonprofits. Dancing with the Stars: Dubuque Style targets a community-wide audience to highlight, educate and create awareness of the role nonprofits play in our community.

2019 Stars

Amy Wright, Director of Maternal Child Services, MercyOne Dubuque Medical Center will be dancing for Mercy Health Foundation for the building of a Bereavement Suite

Robin McEnany, Mortgage Loan Officer, Collins Community Credit Union will be dancing for Research for the Kids

Jared McGovern, Senior Education Manager, Innovation and Collaboration, National Mississippi River Museum & Aquarium will be dancing for the National Mississippi River Museum & Aquarium

Ben White, President, Midwest Free Riders will be dancing for Midwest Freeriders

Angie Hohmann, Executive Director, Live Like Jack will be dancing for Live Like Jack

Chris Puetz, Training Coordinator, Cottingham & Butler and Head Coach, CrossFit Restoration will be dancing for Tri-State Mountain Bike Riders

Abigail Gutierrez, First Lady, 7 Hills Brewing Company will be dancing for Key City Creative Center

Mike Clasen, Commercial Banker, Dubuque Bank & Trust will be dancing for Veterans Freedom Center

Renee Tyler, Director of Transportation Services, City of Dubuque, will be dancing for the Fountain of Youth Program

Yvette Saugling, Owner, Crossroads Counseling Center will be dancing for Camp Courageous

2019 Coaches

Adam Kieffer will be the coach for Amy Wright

Alvin Chua will be the coach for Robin McEnany

Jessica Kieffer will be the coach for Jared McGovern

Debby Morfey will be the coach for Ben White

Tom Choudoir will be the coach for Angie Hohmann

Laura Kittleseon will be the coach for Chris Puetz

Adam Kieffer will be the coach for Abigail Gutierrez

Nora Shook will be the coach for Mike Clasen

Caprice Jones will be the coach for Renee Tyler

Tom Choudoir will be the coach for Yvette Saugling

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