• Candidate Endorsement Process


The Dubuque Area Chamber of Commerce, as advocates for Dubuque area businesses, is dedicated to advancing policies that help grow your business and our economy. As part of the Chamber’s work to pursue this effort, we now inform members about local and state candidates’ alignment with the Chamber’s pro-job, pro-business priorities. Candidates that are in alignment with the Chamber’s priorities are considered in endorsement of the Chamber’s agenda.

“In accordance with the policies and procedures set by the Board of Directors of the Dubuque Area Chamber of Commerce, a screening and endorsement committee surveyed and interviewed candidates running for positions for Dubuque’s Mayor and City Council,” said Chamber President and CEO, Molly Grover. “The Candidate Endorsement Taskforce evaluated the candidates’ responses against the Chamber’s legislative priorities and vision for the future and interests of the Dubuque Area business community.”

This group that made up the Candidate Endorsement Taskforce, gave their final endorsement recommendations and those were presented to the Chamber’s Board of Directors who approved the slate by majority vote.

The Dubuque Area Chamber of Commerce does not consider political party affiliation in the endorsement process and does not endorse one candidate over another in any race. Furthermore, the Chamber does not financially contribute to any campaign in any way. The process used by the Chamber may allow multiple candidates to be endorsed for the same race. The Chamber does not attempt to sort out the truth about candidate’s personalities, or the candidate’s stance on non-business issues, their organization’s mission requires focus on what candidates for elected office say they will do regarding business issues, and what they actually do while holding office.

“The Chamber works to advance policies that make our business community thrive and prosper,” stated Grover.

Candidate alignment to Chamber priorities is evaluated based on priorities including, but not limited to:

  • Chamber supports policies that are conducive to building a robust business climate.
  • Chamber supports a pro-jobs, pro-growth economic agenda.
  • Chamber supports a business-friendly climate that protects free enterprise and fosters business growth.
  • Chamber opposes government-imposed mandates on business.
  • Chamber supports reducing the tax and regulation burdens on business and industry.
  • Chamber supports economic development tools and incentives to encourage investment and create jobs.
  • Chamber supports innovation and entrepreneurial development.
  • Chamber supports riverfront development to generate revenue and stimulate growth.
  • Chamber supports policies that remove barriers to business efficiency and growth.

The Dubuque Area Chamber of Commerce Candidate Endorsement Taskforce involves a committee of former Chamber Board Chairs, the current Chair, the Government Division Chair, the Chamber President and CEO and Chamber Senior Vice President.

There will always be those disappointed by the Dubuque Area Chamber’s endorsement decisions, however, the Chamber has based their decisions strictly on which candidates were most closely aligned with Chamber priorities that were further emphasized in the candidate questionnaires and interviews.

All candidates participated in the candidate endorsement process and all were eligible for a Chamber endorsement. The following candidates are looking to be endorsed by the Chamber.

  • Andy McKean
  • Ann McDonough
  • Carrie Koelker
  • Curt Kiessling
  • Daryl Klein
  • Jay Wickham
  • Lucas Link
  • Pauline Chilton
  • Shannon Lundgren
  • Tod Bowman